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What Sets Us Apart

Committed Staff

Each of our staff members must undergo a rigorous application process including thorough background check and drug screening. Each must hold a valid driver’s license and have transportation. Most importantly, each must be hard working, quick, and have great attention to detail.

Quality & Consistency

Because we thoroughly assess your cleaning needs with you, we are able to give you a guidebook specific to your business. This ensures that you are able to keep us accountable for the cleaning to be done. We also specifically train each staff member for a unique location. This ensures consistent work every single time.

Communication & Accountability

We encourage regular communication so that you can be confident your needs are always being met to your exact specifications. We make this easy by ensuring that the same person cleans your business every time and by making ourselves always available for feedback, questions and concerns.

Safe & Effective Cleaning Products

Each product used for your business is selected specifically with you in mind. We only use the best and safest products available, and you will have the ability to choose exactly what is used for each cleaning.

“As owner of LG Cleaning I am so passionate about helping our clients. To me this is definitely not just a job. If it was, I can name about 50 that would be a lot less time demanding But I truly care that when they walk in the next morning, at least cleaning is not the first thing on their mind.  As small as it seems, nothing can be more frustrating than to walk in and find your trash can not emptied.  I totally get it. It just the icing on the cake to a long busy day already staring at you.  A little back story on me that some may not know is I spent a year of my life going through surgeries and therapy after being a passenger in a head on collision. My right leg was shattered along with several other broken bones. After so many times laying on a Dr’s table, looking up at the ceiling or really anything I could to help take my mind off the pain, I started to see details. I really contribute that time in my life to what helped me see the need for a cleaning team with character and integrity and also I was able to see details of needs in offices.  That was a golden moment in my life, or at least that’s what I tell my children.  It was one of those moments that I had to choose to look for the good and not the bad. This old saying is definitely one I want to portray in my life “People don’t care how much you know, till they know how much you care.”

-Lori Gibson, Owner

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